Further observations on the process of haemophagocytosis in the human outflow system

  • I. Grierson, W. R. Lee
  • Published 1978 in Albrecht von Graefes Archiv für klinische und experimentelle Ophthalmologie


The outflow system was studied in seven human traumatised eyes in which there was a hyphaema (injury-enucleation periods 7 h to 35 days). Extracellular lysis of red cells was present, but lysed red cells were not found in the outer part of the meshwork. Exogenous macrophages and endogenous endothelial cells contained red cells and their breakdown products and evidence was obtained to indicate intracellular haemolysis as the cells passed through the meshwork. Penetration of the lining endothelium of Schlemm's canal by red cells and macrophages was a rare observation and this was attributed to the presence of a co-existing hypotonia.


5 Figures and Tables

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